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Revenue operations

Monetisation services that drive Formidable results

It might be no surprise to you that publicly traded companies that have a revenue operations team delivered a 70% better stock performance than those companies that don’t. But where to start and what does Revenue Operations do for your business?

Keeping this really basic, Revenue Operations (RevOps) are the folks that create collaboration, clear communication and alignment between all teams that are responsible for revenue generation. Sales, Marketing & Customer Success all have unique rhythms and cadences that impact monetisation and it is the Revenue Operations teams that bring this altogether. Gone are the days where the desks are tipped up and slid towards the sales operations teams from sales & marketing to perform very basic admin level tasks. Forward thinking businesses are deploying Revenue Operations personnel across the full customer journey in spirit of driving increased revenue performance for the business and undertake a key and pivotal role in creating increased shareholder value.

Our Revenue Operation services

Revenue Operations Strategy

Whether you are new to developing a Revenue Operations function or you have an established team, here at Formidable Minds we have the experience, technical know-how and analytical horsepower to help businesses like yours become formidable.


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Business intelligence

Having the right data & insights in the hands of your leaders sets you apart from your competitors. Understanding how to architect and segment your data to drive meaningful insight is so powerful in understanding the health of the business. We can help supercharge your ability to understand the stories behind the data and what your next steps should be. We would love to help!

When we needed a team to help us develop our Sales Operations capabilities and Salesforce systems we looked no further than Formidable Minds. Credible backgrounds & experience, a drive for focusing on ROI and their technical ‘know-how’ sets them apart.

Quota & Compensation Design

If you are going to get three areas of Revenue Operations right it is definitely the area of Targets, Compensation and Territories. Good sales orgs will fly if you understand the winning formula of how important all three of these key attributes play in running and growing your business. Get just one wrong and it could end up being a car crash. Here at Formidable Minds we have a team of experts with real commercial experience in Revenue Operations ready to help you.

TAM Analysis & Territory Design

You know your product or service, your industry and how you want to go-to-market, but how do you know who to sell to. Understanding how to build an effective TAM (Total-Addressable-Market) and which opportunities to go after first and how to slice and dice the territories is critical if you are to scale and grow your business. You probably also know that whilst on the outside it sounds simple, you need strong analytical skills to be able to build your TAM and then understand how to divide up the right territory to the right type of Sales person. Get in touch with our experts today.

Sales Organisational Design

Sounds simple right? You have something to sell, you know how to position it, you might even have started creating demand for your products and services but what kind of Sales team do you need and how many and what skills and what experiences and what behaviours and what methodology and and and…… Not quite so simple huh? We can help having built sales orgs from the ground up into large top performing teams and understand all too well the challenges and complexities you are going through. Speak to us.


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Pipeline & Forecasting

If there is one area you need to be really competent in above all else it is your ability to understand your pipeline, how much to generate and how deals move through your pipeline.  You will thank yourself for getting this cadence right as it sets your whole business up for success if you can drive accountability through the revenue teams. It also helps your C-Suite understand when and where to divert their resources and networks in helping your teams get important key deals over the line. We have a bunch of tactics that can help, speak to us!

Operational mechanics & cadence

You’ve built the rocket ship, everything is moving, what next?  One area that a surprisingly high proportion of businesses fail in is in their ability to effectively manage the operational rhythm. From 1:1’s to team meetings to monthly round-ups to QBRs, RAD reports, pipeline deep dives and forecasting there are so many different ways to perform the essential tasks of driving your business KPIs and motivating teams to achieve and it doesn’t have to come across as ‘big brother’.  Want to level up your operational rhythm?   You know what to do!

RevOps on Demand

Need some extra horsepower in your Revenue Operations team? Or maybe you have had a leaver recently but the workload is relentless? Get in touch today with our RevOps experts who have extensive experience across the value chain to help keep and accelerate your operational rhythm so your backlog doesn’t grow beyond your reach. Our simple subscription approach can help keep you on track and flexible so you don’t ever have to worry about ever those increasing workloads.

There is a reason why more and more companies are investing heavily in Revenue operations teams to drive results, and that is because they are strategic muscles you should be building to drive up both the top and bottom lines. But where do you start? Well, if there is one thing that experience has taught us, it’s the more time you allow your sales teams to actually sell and build relationships with customers the quicker you will drive more revenue into the business. Lining up your customers’ journey with your Sales process helps create an environment where your customers and prospects feel listened to and are more like to do business with you.

So if you want to understand how to make your business formidable in revenue operations speak to the team who have real life experience of working in ‘industry leading’ businesses driving double digit growth

Don’t let a lack of revenue operations expertise hold your business back.
By tapping into the knowledge of Formidable Minds, you can elevate your revenue operations function to new heights, driving stronger results and setting your business up for long-term success. Contact us today…

Unit economics

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With seasoned experts that have experience of delivering double digit growth projects at accelerated rates, you can trust us to help your people and business become formidable.

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